A Few Words On Choosing a Successor Trustee

Becky Cholewka: If you choose to have a trust, one of the most important decisions that you are going to make is who is going to act for you as your successor trustee. They are the ones that are not only going to be able to manage and control and invest the monies that you… Read More »

When to Start Estate Planning: Tips on How to Get Started

  When you read the words “estate planning,” it likely brings to mind the idea of property and significant assets. Thanks to the word estate, you may even picture Downton Abbey or its American equivalent. In reality, estate planning is about much more than your financial assets. It includes the advance directives surrounding your medical… Read More »

Medicare Advance Care Planning: Things You Should Know

When it comes to estate planning, one of the best changes Medicare made in 2016 was adding coverage for end-of-life discussions with your healthcare provider. Most people avoid these discussions at all costs. After all, few people enjoy thinking about death. Unfortunately, our mortality is something we all share. Having these discussions, though unpleasant, helps… Read More »

Personal Finance: The Dangers of Predatory Loans

June of 2010 saw the end of payday loans in Arizona, thanks to advocacy groups and voters protesting the industry’s triple-digit rates that preyed most heavily on those of limited financial means. Nearly half of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, meaning they have no room in their budgets for even minor emergencies, such as a… Read More »

About Those New Years Resolutions…

Becky Cholewka: Hello, Becky Cholewka at Cholewka Law again. I’m going to test you a little bit. I want you to think about what your New Year’s resolutions were last year, because this is what I’ve heard very often in the last couple months. “Oh you know what? I really wanted to start protecting my… Read More »

Arizona Power of Attorney FAQ

When it comes to estate planning, financial and medical powers of attorney ensure your wishes are honored. However, questions abound. What is the difference between durable and general powers of attorney? What can you include? How do you choose an agent? This Arizona Power of Attorney FAQ answers the more common questions (hence the title,… Read More »

Blended Families: The Importance of Estate Planning in Second Marriages

When it comes to estate planning, second marriages present unique challenges, particularly when both partners have children from previous relationships and enter the marriage with assets. However, you can meet the long-term needs of your blended families with the help of an experienced estate planner and open communication. Common Issues with Estate Planning in Second Marriages… Read More »