3 Biggest Misconceptions About Estate Planning

Becky Cholewka: Today, I want to go over the three biggest misconceptions about estate planning. Misconception number one, estate planning is only for rich people. That is not true. Everyone has an estate. More importantly, most people have friends or family that they love and they want to ensure that they are taken care of,… Read More »

How Often Should You Review Your Estate Documents

Becky Cholewka: One of my most frequently asked questions is, how often do I actually need to review my documents? I always tell people a couple of different things. Number one. There’s something that you should do each year to your estate planning documents. Pull out your binder, your folder, or wherever you keep them,… Read More »

Revocable vs Irrevocable Trusts

Becky Cholewka: Did you know there are actually about 30 to 40 different types of trusts? They mainly fall into two categories though revocable and irrevocable trusts. That pretty much is exactly what it sounds like. A revocable trust, you can change, amend, or revoke. An irrevocable trust, you cannot. One of the questions I… Read More »

How Not To Get Legal Advice

Becky Cholewka: I wanted to do a quick video on how not to get legal advice because, unfortunately, this is one of the biggest areas that I see a lot of people trip up on. A lot of people are getting legal advice from their tax person, their financial planner, their brother who lives in… Read More »

The Story Of The Sunflower

Becky Cholewka: As we’ve moved into our beautiful new office space here at Cholewka Law, this year we’re also rebranding our website and our print materials to be more personally reflective of me. Instead of some of the other things that you’ve seen, you’re now going to be seeing a lot of sunflowers here at… Read More »

What To Expect When You Call Our Office

Becky Cholewka: Hey, everyone. I just wanted to walk you through our process if you choose to call Cholewka Law for any of your estate planning needs. What happens is when you call, you will probably reach Peg on our phone. She’s our main receptionist, and she’s a little chit-chatty, so she’s going to want… Read More »

Home Deed Scam

Wanted to tell everyone about a pretty regular scam we’ve been seeing for the last couple of years. Anytime you record a deed here in Arizona, most counties are online and you’re able to go back in and check for that recorded deed right online for free. However, there’s a couple of companies that are… Read More »