Can’t Stay Retired?

Some people can’t wait for the day they can retire. Others, though, have no plans to quit working. Or they do retire, then decide they can’t stand it.

An article in the New York Times details the stories of several folks of retirement age who “failed” at retirement.

One woman started a fitness club after she retired. She said she loves working.

The story says people over age 55 are swelling the ranks of the workforce. Some, of course, work because they have to. In all, the government says there are 33 million people over age 55 still working. That’s about 10 million more than a decade ago.

Many are rethinking the idea of retirement. After all, with people living longer, many are facing 30 or 40 years with nothing to do.

A survey said many are taking steps to figure out what they are going to do next. It could be going back to school or learning a hobby. For some, it was to find another way to earn money, as only 54 percent surveyed said they were financially prepared for retirement.

An AARP survey found 55 percent who were still working after age 55 were doing so because they wanted to. Many who found a job after retirement stayed for years.

“Retirement is boring” was a frequent comment.

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