Lien Strips and Chapter 7

In years past, one of the great benefits of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, versus a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, was the availability to complete a lien strip. A lien strip is the ability for the bankruptcy court to void a second mortgage, or any other junior mortgage, on your residence when the value of the residence […]

The Fall of DOMA = The Rise of Confusion

The Supreme Court recently struck down the   Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a 1996 federal law that defined “marriage,” for purposes of more than a thousand federal laws, as limited to a union between a man and a woman.  Now, same-sex couples that are legally married will be entitled to the same treatment under […]

Rebuilding Your Credit

Now that you have your bankruptcy behind you, the next step is to start rebuilding your credit.    Start by paying your ongoing bills on time.   Second, and this may go against your better judgment, but getting a credit card is one of the most efficient ways to rebuild credit.   Length of credit […]

Home-Loans After Bankruptcy

The Back to Work program, which began in August 2013, reduced post-foreclosure, bankruptcy, and short-sale waiting periods on FHA loans.   If there was an underlying extenuating circumstance you may be able to qualify for a new loan in as little as 12 months. To qualify you must have suffered an “economic event” defined by […]

I Just Moved to Arizona, Can I File Bankruptcy Here?

In order to file bankruptcy in Arizona, you must be living in the state for the greater part of the 180 days prior to the bankruptcy filing.   In most instances, this means that you must have lived in Arizona for more than 90 days before you can file your case in this state.   […]

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