Luck Has Nothing to Do with It

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My husband’s family is Irish. I feel in my bones that their Irish luck will rub off on me and I will somehow find my pot-of-gold. Or win the lottery. Actively planning to protect your family, however, is much better than just leaving everything to chance. Here are seven steps to take. 1.  Update beneficiary […]

Thirteen Estate Planning Terms You Need to Know

Estate planning—it is an incredibly important tool, not just for the uber-wealthy or those thinking about retirement. On the contrary, estate planning is something every adult should do. Estate planning can help you accomplish any number of goals, including appointing guardians for minor children, choosing healthcare agents to make decisions for you should you become […]

Why Don’t People Do Estate Planning?

There are many reasons people don’t do estate planning, about 75% of that is procrastinating. Other reasons for people failing to do estate planning are people think its to much money, there never going to die or they think they are to young.

Who Does My Estate Plan Protect?

Proper estate planning can protect your family from themselves, outside creditors, family discord and many other circumstances.

Top 3 Reasons to Create an Estate Plan

There are three top reason why people choose to plan, some want to avoid the probate program, some want to avoid family discord however others want to protect there youth from making financial mistakes.

Are Online Do It Yourself Documents Safe?

Be very careful when doing online do it yourself documents just because you have a document that is legally valid it may not work at all places so examples such as hospitals, banks or a judge in court.

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