Travelling Without your Furry Family Members

I have always had pets. I can’t even count the numbers of cats, dogs, and goldfish I had growing up. They have always been a large part of my family. This past month we had to say good bye to our beloved cat Isabella. Bella had been with our family for 19 years. The hardest […]

Living Wills for Pets

  In the same way that many people have difficulty thinking of and planning for their own mortality, they struggle when considering a pet’s mortality. We love our furry friends; planning for the day we lose them is something most people prefer to avoid. However, putting your wishes in writing is an important step to […]

Pet Trusts

I always had pets growing up… cats, dogs, the occasional gold fish won at a fair by throwing a ping pong into the fishbowl, and while I was in 4-H, sheep and sometimes chickens. (Sadly my sheep “Peebles” was purchased one year by the local grocery store and I had a hard time walking near […]

Frequent Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning done right isn’t easy – that’s why there are lawyers and financial advisors who focus on helping people with their estates. If you review your documents, ensure that they are signed and pick the right experts, you should do well, according to an article on However, there are errors that people […]

Americans Writing Pets Into Their Wills

A record number of Americans are incorporating a non-human friend into their family. In order to care for these pets after death, a recent article notes that many of these Americans are now incorporating beloved pets into their wills. However, incorporating a pet into a will is not enough to ensure that the pet is […]

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