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Estate planning is the process of preparing tasks to handle a person’s assets in the event of their incapacity or death. The bequest of properties to heirs and the payment of estate taxes are all part of the planning. The majority of estate plans are created with the assistance of an estate law attorney.
A will is a legal document that specifies your desires for the care of your children and the disposition of your properties after you pass away. Failure to prepare a will normally places the assets in the hands of judges or state authorities, which can lead to family turmoil.
As part of a well-crafted estate plan, a trust is typically used to mitigate estate taxes and may provide other benefits. A trust is a fiduciary relationship in which a third person, or trustee, holds assets on behalf of one or more beneficiaries.
Probate is the process of examining and transferring the properties of a deceased person’s estate. A probate court usually reviews a property owner’s estate when he dies. The probate court makes the final decision on how assets are divided and distributed to beneficiaries.
After the settlor’s death, trust administration applies to the trustees’ management of trust property in compliance with the trust document’s terms and for the good of the beneficiaries. To ensure successful administration, several measures are needed. Working with an attorney to guide the trustees navigate the process is recommended.
If you want to give someone else the right to make financial decisions for you, you’ll need a financial power of attorney. And it’s typically done in tandem with your will. This type of POA is designed to allow someone else to serve as your legal representative for financial matters.
A medical power of attorney is a legal document that appoints someone to act as another person’s health care representative. The agent has the authority to make medical decisions and is responsible for ensuring that physicians and other medical staff provide required and sufficient treatment in compliance with the patient’s wishes.
A mental health POA is a legal document that gives anyone you want the right to make decisions on your behalf. This powerful estate planning method helps you to ensure that your mental health needs are fulfilled in the way you want them to be met when you’re still safe and capable of voicing them.
The HIPAA Privacy Rule establishes national requirements for the protection of personal health information and medical records. It gives patients greater control of their health data and establishes guidelines for the use and disclosure of medical records.
A living will, also known as an advance directive, is a legal document that defines the type of medical treatment a person wants or doesn’t want if they are unable to express their wishes.
This type of deed is a real property deed used to transfer property from the deceased to a beneficiary. Upon the death of the real property’s owner, the interest in said property is to be transferred to one or more people or entities.
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About Choleka Law

Since 2010, Cholewka Law has offered thoughtful legal representation to families in Gilbert and the surrounding areas. Through designing and implementing personalized, detailed estate plans, we are able to assist our clients in protecting their loved ones and properties. By resolving estates by probate and managing trusts, we help our clients through one of the most painful periods of their lives: the death of a loved one.

We approach the practice of estate law in a unique way. We believe that estate planning is about getting to know our clients on a personal level and working closely with them to understand their needs and priorities. Furthermore, we take the time to explain solutions in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

In a nutshell, we agree that the foundation of estate planning is the creation of solid, long-term personal relationships. We aspire to be your lifelong counselors. This explains why so many of our clients have turned into close friends.

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The Gilbert Water Tower

What We Love About Gilbert

Gilbert, Arizona, formerly regarded as the “Hay Shipping Capital of the World,” has grown into one of the fastest expanding cities and the largest town in the United States. Gilbert, which encompasses 72.6 square miles and is located only southeast of Phoenix, has evolved from a rural town to a vibrant and culturally diverse residential community. Here are just a few of the countless things that makes Gilbert an amazing place to live and work.

Discovery Park

In 2006, Discovery Park, a 48-acre municipal park, opened its doors. Five multi-use fields, basketball courts, sand volleyball, two ponds (stocked as part of a community fishing program), a children’s playground with climbing equipment, a network of multi-use trails, and eight picnic ramadas are all available at the park. Ramadas can be reserved for special occasions and are equipped with power and barbeque grills.

Discovery Park is named after the discovery of Columbian Mammoth fossils near the construction site. The mammoth was assigned the name Tuskers after a local naming contest. The Southeast Regional Library in Gilbert has exact replicas of the fossils discovered.

SanTan Village

SanTan Village is an open-air, mega-regional lifestyle hub with 1,200,000 square feet of leasable space in Gilbert, Arizona. It is located at the center of a 500-acre development that will include 3,000,000 square feet of shopping, restaurants, entertainment, office space, residential, and hotel uses when completed. It was Westcor’s last mall to open, and it is still owned by Macerich.

Dillard’s, Macy’s, Harkins Theatres 16-Plex Cinema, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Best Buy, and Barnes & Noble are among the mall’s most notable retailers.

SanTan Village Marketplace, situated south of the mall, is an urban village with a variety of retail and dining options planned for urban shopping.



Topgolf is an inclusive, high-tech golf game targeted at golfers of all skill levels. It was initially developed as an alternative to driving ranges. In addition to their Gilbert location, Topgolf has outlets in many states throughout the United States.

Unlike a traditional driving range, Topgolf has obstacles and targets set up so that golfers can play a variety of games. Local residents not only enjoy a fun day or night out playing golf games, but the establishment also features an amazing restaurant and bar.

Church of Jesus Christ

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' Temple

The temple is an absolutely beautiful structure located near the intersection of Pecos and Greenfield roads in Gilbert, which is rapidly expanding. The temple was constructed in response to the high concentration of church members in the city, and it will help relieve the strain on the Mesa Temple, also in Phoenix’s East Valley.

At a meeting on September 29, 2009, the Gilbert town council unanimously approved requested zoning changes. The ability to build to a height of 85 feet, rather than the current restriction of 45 feet, was one of the most common demands. Since the town does not limit the height of steeples, the temple’s proposed 180-foot-tall steeple did not require an exception. Although no clear timetable for construction was given at the meeting, it was reported that it would be completed within three years.

Map & Driving Directions

From East Mesa

  1. Get on AZ-202/AZ-202 Loop S
  2. Follow AZ-202/AZ-202 Loop S to S Power Rd
  3. Take exit 36 from AZ-202/AZ-202 Loop S – 10 min (11.3 mi)
  4. Continue on S Power Rd. Take S Recker Rd to E Pecos Rd in Gilbert
  5. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto S Power Rd – 1.5 mi
  6. Turn right onto E Williams Field Rd – 0.9 mi
  7. Turn left onto S Recker Rd – 1.0 mi
  8. Turn left onto E Pecos Rd – 0.6 mi

From Ahwatukee / West Chandler

  1. Get on I-10 E
  2. Take AZ-202/AZ-202Loop E to S Santan Village Pkwy in Gilbert
  3. Take exit 41 from AZ-202/AZ-202 Loop E – 14 min (16.0 mi)
  4. Drive to E Pecos Rd
  5. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto S Santan Village Pkwy – 0.4 mi
  6. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto E Pecos Rd – 2.6 mi

From North Scottsdale

  1. Get on AZ-101 Loop S
  2. Follow AZ-101 Loop S and AZ-202/AZ-202Loop E to S Santan Village Pkwy in Gilbert
  3. Take exit 41 from AZ-202/AZ-202 Loop E – 21 min (24.0 mi)
  4. Drive to E Pecos Rd
  5. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto S Santan Village Pkwy – 0.4 mi
  6. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto E Pecos Rd – 2.6 mi

From San Tan Valley / Queen Creek

  1. Take S Rittenhouse Rd to E Pecos Rd in Gilbert
  2. Turn right onto N Gary Rd – 0.9 mi
  3. Continue onto S Rittenhouse Rd – 6.6 mi
  4. Turn right onto S Sossaman Rd – 0.7 mi
  5. Turn left onto E Pecos Rd – 1.6 mi
  6. Make a U-turn – 404 ft

From Phoenix

  1. Get on I-10 E
  2. Follow I-10 E and AZ-202/AZ-202Loop E to S Santan Village Pkwy in Gilbert
  3. Take exit 41 from AZ-202/AZ-202 Loop E – 26 min (29.4 mi)
  4. Drive to E Pecos Rd
  5. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto S Santan Village Pkwy – 0.4 mi
  6. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto E Pecos Rd – 2.6 mi


While most people can benefit from retaining an estate planning lawyer, it may not be necessary for everyone. People in many cases do need the assistance of a specialist to ensure that their estate plans are detailed and correctly state their intentions. If you’re unsure whether you need to hire an estate attorney or not, contact our Gilbert, Arizona office today for a consultation.
Estate attorneys assist with the distribution of land and wealth (property) management after a person’s passing. In addition, an estate planning lawyer is bar-certified and specializes in estate preparation; working with clients to prepare and execute legal instruments such as wills and trusts. Since attorneys often deal for similar persons who are involved with an estate, estate law is directly related to family law.
The amount a lawyer or law firm charges based on estate matters can differ greatly. There are a number of factors that play a role and the more complex the matters are, generally speaking, the more time it takes to conduct research and prepare documentation. Lawyers typically charge for estate law issues in one of two ways – a fixed fee and an hourly fee. Please contact our office today to discuss your situation and costs.