Interviewer:  Speaking of jail, and the impacts of getting a DUI. What does someone have to look at in terms of money that they’re going to have to spend, and jail time that they might have to endure?

Interviewee:  We’ll talk about the lowest level of a DUI which is a 0.08 or higher. That has a mandatory 10â€вЂ?day jail sentence, which judges can suspend nine days of that. If you get convicted or plea to a DUI here in Arizona, you’re going to spend at least one day in jail if not 10. Most of the time it’s at “Tent City,” as we all know here in Maricopa County, if you’re in this area, with Sheriff Joe.

At the very least you’re spending one day in jail if not 10, then it goes up from there. If you have an extreme DUI, it can go up to 30 days. A lot of time towns are now allowing you to do 15 days in jail, and 15 days with a homeâ€вЂ?detention bracelet around your ankle.

That’s just the jail time, the fines and fees go up from there. There’s mandatory fees for $500 for the prison fund, $500 for the statutory fine. There’s a minimum $250 fine that goes all the way up to $2,500, and since we have an 84 percent court surcharge on top of that, you could pretty much double it.

If you get a $1,000 fine, you’re actually paying $1,840. You might have to go to MADD classes, which is additional money. Drug and alcohol screening classes, which are additional monies. People are looking at, even on the lowest level without an attorney, a couple thousand dollars just in their fines, along with their jail time.