Get The Funeral You Want

Nowadays, few people stipulate in their wills just what they want their funerals to be like. For this reason, families are left to guess at what their loved one would have wanted.

(Photo credit: Tobyotter)
(Photo credit: Tobyotter)

However, there are ways to make sure you get what you want at your funeral, says a story on

You can go a funeral home and set up a plan. It doesn’t have to be paid for right then, but if you can afford it, you may as well do it, the story says.

Either way, you can put your plans in writing and give it to the funeral director who can pull out the letter at the proper time.

Or you can execute a Funeral Planning Direction, which leaves instructions and names someone to be in charge of making sure your wishes are carried out. An attorney quoted in the story said he had written one of these documents in which the man said he wanted to be buried in a Chicago Bears jersey and wanted Boston’s “Hitch a Ride” to be played.

If you don’t want anything formal, you can at least have a talk with your family make make your wishes clear.

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