Interviewer:  Can’t someone just use the HIPAA form from their doctor’s office?

Becky Cholewka:  We get this question about the HIPAA release form all the time.

As you know, whenever you go to a doctor’s office they ask you, “Who can get access to your medical information if they need to?”

The problem is, if we only use those at each of the doctors’ offices that we go to, what happens if you’re now in an emergency situation at a hospital that you’ve never been in? They don’t have that document on file. That document is only good for your doctor’s office wherever your physician is.

A general HIPAA release form that is good for all medical institutions is necessary to make sure your family, your loved ones can call it to the hospital and see how you’re doing, as well as be able to access your medical information if they need to, if they start making decisions for you as your healthcare power of attorney.