How do I love being a small business owner? Let me count the ways…

Heritage Court Cholewka Law Office

  1. I love the pride I feel that I am creating part of the American economy. Not only does my family directly earn a living from the fruits of my business, but I also get to pour money into our local economy by being the decision maker on where my marketing dollars are spent.
  2. I love that I will be teaching my son about free enterprise and entrepreneurship by my actions, not just my words. And it already melts my heart when my three-year old tells me he is excited to visit “mommy’s office.”
  3. I love the flexibility if affords my family. Family vacations are no longer scheduled through a lottery system based on seniority, and I can take the day off before and after Thanksgiving. I get to read books at my son’s pre-school class whenever they ask and I can leave early on Fridays to take him to a train park.
  4. I love building roots in my community by networking with other small business owners, learning about other local businesses and charities that I can support, and being involved with local policy issues to help my community become a better place to work and raise a family.
  5. I LOVE being a part of the Small Business Alliance. I am so proud to be part of an extended family of other business owners who understand the daily struggles, collaborate together on how we can each build a profitable small business, and offer support and encouragement at every turn.

I am not dependent upon government, I succeed despite government. I am “Open for Business” because I chose to take the risk. I built my business by paying for my education to lay a strong foundation; framed the business by establishing process, procedures and operations; and completed the structure through hours of networking and marketing. My building is beautifully decorated because of my wonderful clients who have added their individual stories, pictures, colors and footprints.

I am unabashedly proud to be a small business owner. And I am humbled and honored that Cholewka Law is leaving it’s footprint on this community.

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