Medicaid Planning

For many aging Americans, the possibility of ending up in a nursing home is a big fear. The average cost of a nursing home in Arizona is $171 per day, and this rises to $216 a day for a private room. That means you would be paying at least $62,000 a year! In most cases, people end up paying for nursing home care from their savings until this money runs out.

At that stage, one may be eligible for Medicaid to cover the cost. When you pay privately, you are more likely to reside in a high-quality facility and prevent or at least postpone the process of dealing with the bureaucracy that may be involved in state welfare. Of course, high-quality nursing homes are expensive, which means you need to proactively plan to ensure you can afford it.

To help you navigate through all the options and put together the best plan for you and your loved ones, consult an Arizona attorney experienced in dealing with Medicaid.

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