Older Gentleman Meeting Attorneys

Interviewer:  …Whitney, why is it important to listen to the advice of a trusted estate-planning attorney?

Whitney:  Here at Cholewka Law, one of the biggest mistakes we see people making is taking advice from folks that are not trusted estate planning attorneys.

People listen to their neighbor, their brothers and sisters, their friends, their hairdresser. These people don’t have malicious intent, they’re not trying to lead you astray, but they are not estate planning attorneys. They don’t know all of the answers.

They might be giving you the answers from another state or what happened to their friend or their family member, but it’s important to talk to somebody that is in your local area that knows the local laws so that they can give you the best estate planning advice for you.

Some of our biggest competition is from paralegals and LegalZoom. Those aren’t state specific and a lot of those can’t give you any advice. They’re going to give you a document.

Here at Cholewka Law, our goal is not to provide you with estate planning documents, but to give you an estate plan that works.

We want to keep you out of court. We don’t want you to have documents that don’t work. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted estate planning attorney, locally.