What Out of State Estate Planning Documents May or May Not Work in Arizona

Becky Cholewka: Another important thing to remember about people who have documents and now reside in Arizona or snowboard here in Arizona, is that a will and a trust are good in any state. No matter if you are from Illinois and you now have an Illinois will, that will is still to be used here in Arizona.

Other documents, however, are state specific. They may or may not be able to be used here in our state. For example, powers of attorney have very state specific rules within them. Here in Arizona, not only do we have a healthcare power of attorney, but we also have a mental healthcare power of attorney. That is unique. We are only one of a few states that has that requirement.

If you have documents from another state, your healthcare documents may not work here in Arizona because you’re going to be missing language that is required here. It’s always good when you do move to talk to a qualified estate planning attorney to see whether or not they think those documents will or will not work in your new state.

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