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Worried parents are stressed about who will take care of their kids if the worst happens. The key to peace of mind is Cholewka Law’s Custom Family Plan™ created to ensure your kids are cared for, no matter what happens.

Empowering You To Protect Your Family

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Parents spend a lifetime worrying about their kids. And when your kids are little, there is more to protect them from. Do you stay awake at night asking these questions?

  • What happens to my children if I die?
  • Who will raise them?
  • Who will manage their money?
  • Can I protect them from blowing all their money when they turn 18?
  • Can I leave more to my child with special needs?

The key to peace of mind is a customized plan. Your children are unique and deserve a plan specifically tailored to meet your hopes and dreams for them, not a cookie-cutter plan. We will empower you to create a plan that truly protects your most precious assets… so you can always stay their hero.


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