My Loved One Recently Died

Heartbroken families are confused about the next steps after the loss of a loved one. Our caring team can guide you through this difficult time and ensure all the details of your loved one’s estate are handled efficiently with minimum delay.

Empowering You To Protect Your Family

Woman wiping away tears after loved one recently died.

Mark and Judy had been married for 47 years when Mark died unexpectantly. Thankfully, Judy found a Grief Share class at Rock Point Church to help her through this difficult time. Mark always handled the family’s finances and told Judy not to worry because they had a trust so everything would be taken care of. Her son Ryan read the trust and told her some of the assets needed to be split into an “A” and “B” trust. Judy learned their only car and one savings account were only titled in Mark’s name, and their bank accounts were not titled in the name of the trust. The banker told Judy she had to open a probate to access the money in the savings account.

The probate rules and process can be confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming. What to do with a trust after a loved one dies can also be unclear and frustrating. It doesn’t have to be. We can walk you and your family through the next steps.

  • Review any estate plan documents
  • Determine if any assets need to go through the probate process
  • Handle the probate process if one is required
  • Properly administer a trust if needed
  • Help you update or create your estate plan moving forward

We know this time can be filled with anxiety and worry. We can help you get you through this season simply and painlessly as possible.


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