I’m Recently Divorced

Recently divorced individuals want to ensure their ex-spouse can’t get their assets or make important decisions for them any longer. At Cholewka Law, we educate and empower you to create a plan that protects yourself and your assets with our 5-Step Protection Process™.

Empowering You To Protect Your Family

Meet Jennifer. Jennifer’s divorce from David is now complete. Jennifer has new-found freedom to make decision solely again, but is a little overwhelmed at tackling this all by herself. Her kids are now 10 and 8 and Jennifer wants to make sure that if she dies, David can’t receive or manage the life insurance monies she is leaving them.  Jennifer also wants to make sure that her sister Rachel makes healthcare decisions for her because she knows David would just “pull the plug.”

After a divorce, sometimes we help unwind plans that were once in place and other times we start fresh by asking:

  • How were your assets divided in the divorce?
  • Was there a joint trust in place?
  • Did you update your beneficiary forms?
  • Who can help you with your finances?
  • Whom do you trust to raise your children if your ex-spouse can’t?

You now have the sole power to make informed choices and protect your loved ones the way you want. We can help you accomplish this.


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