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Concerned retirees have their fingers crossed hoping when something goes wrong, everything will be alright. Cholewka Law’s 5-Step Protection Process™ allows you to uncross your fingers, knowing when life happens, your loved ones are protected.

Empowering You To Protect Your Family

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A Little Diddy About Jack & Dianne

Jack and Dianne have been married more than 40 years. After Jack retired from Intel and Dianne retired from teaching at Higley High School, they moved to Encanterra to enjoy more rounds of golf. They have three children and are looking forward to traveling to see their grandkids more often.  Jack and Dianne have always thought about estate planning but so far only have old wills that they put in place when their kids were little. Jack’s older brother has dementia and his wife now has to handle all the family finances. Dianne recently lost her mom and her estate is being handled poorly by her older sister. Jack and Dianne are worried about leaving a mess for their own kids, who have been pestering them to get something in place for years. If you are like Jack and Dianne, you may have similar goals.

  • We want to protect each other
  • We want our family to avoid probate court
  • We want to make it easy for our children
  • We want to choose who helps us if we become incapacitated
  • We want to pay the least amount of taxes possible

We can help move you from “procrastination” to “peace of mind.”


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