I Don’t Know Where to Start

75% of Americans struggle to start their estate planning while balancing their busy and complex lives. Cholewka Law’s easy and simple 5-Step Protection Process ™ removes time-consuming and overwhelming barriers to bust your procrastination and get you quickly to the finish line.

Empowering You To Protect Your Family

Survey after survey shows that procrastination is the #1 reason people don’t plan. Often this is because people don’t know where to begin. We make it easy for you! You won’t have to fill out lengthy questionnaires or bring in stacks of paperwork to meet with us. Just come in for a conversation where we will:

  • Discuss your goals and concerns
  • Educate you on different options
  • Support you to make informed decisions
  • Walk you through each step of our process

Depending on your choices, your plan can be completed in just two meetings. We’ll help you go from “thinking about it” to “getting it done!”


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Solutions - Not Documents

Cholewka Law provides Estate Planning Solutions, not just boiler plate documents.

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