Human Service Professionals (HSP)

HSP is an organization dedicated to professionals serving the senior industry. HSP is committed to educating our members as well as the community, promoting peer relations, fostering professional growth, bringing new and stimulating members to the organization, and providing current information regarding community resources to all we interact with and serve.


Alliance Care Team (ACT)

The Alliance Care Team will help you connect with specialized professionals in our community who will provide you with products & services with the peace of mind you deserve.  One advantage of the Alliance is the availability of interdisciplinary thinking and problem solving ability of an experienced team of professionals who are committed to finding ways to make sure your needs will be met and your problems get solved.


East Valley Adult Resources (EVAR)

East Valley Adult Resources exists to provide services to seniors and their family’s and bring change to the lives of those we serve in our community. Our website furthers our mission by providing ways for you to learn more and get involved. Located in the East Valley, our dynamic and diverse Active Adult Centers and community-based programs offer a variety of opportunities for older adults to remain healthy, independent, and connected to the community. Whether it’s learning a new language, finding the right exercise class, or simply sharing a meal, our ultimate goal is to be welcoming and fun!



An area specific guide on Locate trusted retirement communities, elderly care,assisted living, nursing homes, Alzheimer’s care, home or hospice care,legal services, financial planning, and other resources in your area.



Association of Power Ranch Entrepreneurs (ASPiRE)

The Association of Power Ranch Entrepreneurs (ASPiRE) is a network of Power Ranch residents, and businesses within a 5-mile radius, who are dedicated to building community within Power Ranch by sponsoring lifestyle activities and events, volunteering time, and working toward the best interest of all things Power Ranch.


Small Business Alliance (SBA)

We serve small businesses by representing their interests in local policy, connecting them with other small businesses and reaching out to the community. Our members are community minded leaders who understand the importance of banding together.