Tips On Choosing Your Powers of Attorney

Becky Cholewka: One of the things we ask people to think about, before they come in and meet with us, is give some thought to who you want to choose to act for you in certain situations.

For example, who do you want to make medical decisions for you if you’re not able to make them for yourself? That would be your mental health care and healthcare power of attorney. We oftentimes get clients in here who just want to choose their oldest child, just for the mere fact that they’re the oldest child.

I always encourage people to think about what that person needs to do. They need to be good in a crisis situation. They need to be able to talk to doctors and nurses and understand medical information. They need to be able to talk to other family members, to be able to keep other family in the loop.

They also need to be able to make sure that they can stand up for you to a doctor, and encourage a doctor to follow your wishes- for example, from a living will.

It’s not just about who’s the oldest, but really who has the best skill set to be able to make those decisions for you in a crisis situation. It is super important to ask yourself these questions and think about the answers before you choose anyone legally.

I am passionate about equipping families to make these type of decisions and walking them through the process of creating their estate plan. If you would like to me to help you design your plan to protect your family, call our office at 480-497-3770 to schedule a consultation.

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