Travelling Without your Furry Family Members

I have always had pets. I can’t even count the numbers of cats, dogs, and goldfish I had growing up. They have always been a large part of my family.

This past month we had to say good bye to our beloved cat Isabella. Bella had been with our family for 19 years. The Pets are in a moving boxhardest part was helping our 7-year-old son cope with the process and her loss. Several times I had to compassionately answer his question, “Mom, why did we have to kill Bella.” It was heart-breaking. (A huge thank you to Seville Veterinary Hospital for their loving care of all of us!)

This summer we will be taking family vacation without our other furry family members. Leaving our pets at home while we travel can be difficult. Not only on us, but also on them. Here are a few tips to ensure their safety and well-being.

  1. Keep a card in your wallet that states: “In case of emergency, please contact the following to care for my pets.” Add a few names and phone numbers and make sure these individuals have access to your home.
  2. Interview pet sitters and get references from trusted friends and family. We have been extremely happy with Holly’s Pet Sitting (look them up in the ASPiRE directory!)
  3. Leave a signed note authorizing your pet-sitter to seek medical treatment for your pet while you are away and that you will be responsible for the bill. Give your sitter your vet’s information, as well as a 24-hour vet care facility near you. (We needed this when we dog-sat for a neighbor.)
  4. If your TV can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times, consider putting on a few shows throughout the day to keep your pets company. My dog Penny loves watching dog shows and we once had a cat who enjoyed staring at the TV “aquarium.”

I hope these tips are helpful as you head out to make vacation memories. From our whole team at Cholewka Law we wish you safe travels!

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