Interviewer:  Why do you only handle uncontested divorces at Cholewka Law?

Becky Cholewka:  We used to handle contested divorces here. We’ve completely changed our model around that. We’ve found that there are a lot of attorneys that are just trying to increase their dollars in their pockets and really lengthen the process. It’s unneeded.

We want our clients to know that we are not here to do that. We only do flat�fee cases. They know what they are getting on the front end. We are not trying to prolong any type of litigation. We are really trying to assist couples through this process.

What we found too, especially with couples with minor children, it’s such a blessing and a help to the family to not have that litigation in place, because once you start testifying against each other, it makes it really hard to repair that communication after that trial is over.

We’re trying to take a holistic approach with our clients and helping them through this process as painlessly as possible.