Interviewer:  Becky, tell me about some of the long-term care benefits that are available for veterans.

Becky Cholewka:  Sure. We also do veteran planning here at Cholewka Law. There is service connected benefits, then there is non-service connected benefits which are much less known. Some of those benefits that are non-service connected are dealing with the pension program as well as the aid and attendance which is kind of a familiar name.

It’s not the actual name of the program, but that’s how everybody calls it. The pension program has absolutely nothing to do with what we think a pension is. It is just whether or not there is a veteran who is low income, low assets and needs some additional assistance after a certain age.

The aid and attendance program is also for those veterans who later in life start having some sort of disabilities. It’s like a long-term care program, but it’s cash assistance. Those are some of the benefits that are very little known, but we can help with our veterans planning in those areas.