Man 1:  You mentioned you wanted to set up a neighborhood law firm. One of the other things you’ve mentioned is that working and living in the same community is important to you, why is it important and why does it help you better serve your clients?

Woman 1:  It’s the first time actually where I’ve been able to live and work in the same community. Being 40 years old, you’d think that I would have had that opportunity earlier, and I haven’t.

It’s great because I get to meet people that I go to the store with, I network in the community, I meet a lot of other business owners, and it’s great to be able to service their needs locally instead of the need of having to drive downtown all the way to Phoenix, out here in the Southeast Valley, where kind of don’t like that drive or that commute time.

It’s nice to be able to give people a local option and someone who can understand their needs out here in the Southeast Valley.