A Flag for our Veterans

American Flag displayed on Flag Day for posts about Veteran's Funeral Benefits

On June 14th our country will celebrate Flag Day. I’ve always loved the American Flag. For me it is a symbol of freedom and protection and adds pomp and circumstance to any ceremony. My husband Rick is always great about flying the flag at our house. We had a larger flag we put in our bay window the week after 9-11.  It was the flag given to my family at my dad’s funeral for his military service to our country.

Just like my father, most veterans are eligible to receive these funeral benefits:

  • An American flag and Presidential Memorial Certificate
  • A burial gravesite or niche at a national cemetery
  • The opening and closing of the burial site or niche at a national cemetery
  • If buried, a vault (the container a casket goes into) at a national cemetery
  • A headstone or marker
  • Burial allowance for a private cemetery in some instances

Most of these benefits are also available to the veteran’s spouse and dependent children, even if they predecease the veteran. The family will need to provide an original—or copy—of the veteran’s DD214 service records to the funeral home.

There are additional funeral expenses that are not covered by these benefits including:

  • Pick up and preparation of the body
  • Cremation or embalming services
  • Meeting with the funeral director and funeral services
  • Casket or urn

Although gravesites at national cemeteries can no longer be reserved, you can pre-plan for other funeral services and for being laid to rest in a private cemetery.

Lastly, to all our veterans, thank you for your service to our great nation.

For more information on these benefits visit: https://www.va.gov/burials-memorials/eligibility/ or https://nvf.org/veteran-burial-benefits/.

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