Choosing A Retirement Community

Senior citizens face a plethora of choices as to where they want to live once they decide they want out of their family home. But how to make the right choice?

Selecting where to live could be the single most important and difficult decision retirees make, says a story in the New York Times.

Making the wrong choice could be hard to fix.

The story outlined the case of a Connecticut woman who wanted to be near her children, who lived in Maryland. So she sold her house and bought a two-bed, two-bath home in an adult community about 15 minutes from her daughter and grandchildren.

The key things to consider, the story says, are knowing the kind of environment in which you will feel most comfortable and what you can afford, now and in the future.

Do you want to be near family? Do you want a warm climate? A city? Do you want to have your lawn taken care of? Do you want a pool? A gym? How about golf?

Do you want to be in an “active” community or do health issues make it necessary for you to be in a continuing care retirement community?

Make a list, write down your priorities and talk to family members about the decision.

If you find a place you like, visit several times. Talk to people who live there. Can you spend a few nights there?

Then, and only then, can you make an informed decision.

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