The FREE Online Form That Keeps Your AZ Titled Vehicles Out Of Probate

Becky Cholewka: Here is another quick 10‑minute tip for you. Any type of vehicle that you have through the Arizona MVD, titling such as a golf cart, an RV, motorcycle, or even just your regular cars, you can actually go on the MVD website to download a free beneficiary form at

You’re going to look for the link on the left hand side that says “Forms and Publications.” Here’s the direct link to access and print the form:

On this form, you’re going to fill out the VIN number of your vehicle, also the year and the make. You need to make sure to sign this form in front of a notary.

Once you do that, keep it with all of your important papers and that way those vehicles will avoid the probate process if something should happen to you. You’re going to put who you want that vehicle to go to if something should happen. Again, it takes 10 minutes, and helps your family avoids probate.

At Cholewka Law we are passionate about helping families on the front end avoid probate by properly planning, to review your assets and goals with an attorney call 480-497-3770 and schedule a consultation.

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