Home Deed Scam

Wanted to tell everyone about a pretty regular scam we’ve been seeing for the last couple of years. Anytime you record a deed here in Arizona, most counties are online and you’re able to go back in and check for that recorded deed right online for free.

However, there’s a couple of companies that are sending out very official-looking documentation after you do a deed recording, that says you need to order this special report and it’s the only place that you’re going to be able to get this information, and it’s at a very low cost of $89.

These companies are called, Local Records and First Documents. They’ve both been reported to the Attorney General’s office here in Arizona and the Attorney General has been looking into these companies, as well as others like them.

Just know that the information that they’re saying and promising that you’re going to get on this special report is actually pretty much all records or information that you can get for free as public documents.

For example, it’s information at the County Assessor’s Office, which again you can find online for free. It’s a copy of your recorded deed, which you probably already have one and you can also access online as well.

It’s also information like appraisal for your home. You know what, just jump on zillow.com, and take a look at your neighborhood and surrounding property values around you, and you’re going to get the same information.

Anytime you do a recorded deed and you get something in the mail that says it’s a special report and this is the only place you can get this information, just toss that in the trash. You do not waste your money on it. It’s not needed. Again, the Attorney General is trying to crack down on these companies.

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