The Truth About Statutory Agents For Your LLC

I’ve had a few people that I’ve run into that have told me that have gotten their business documents by going online and doing it through Legal Zoom, or some other type of online place. That’s fine, but they’ve told me that they’ve also signed up for that same document place to act as their statutory agent for their newly formed LLC. That costs anywhere between $99 to $199 per year, depending on what place you’re working with.

I’m going to save you some money here because you do not need somebody else to act as statutory agent for you. What a statutory agent means, it’s the person in Arizona that is listed on the corporation documents that, if your company was going to get sued, that’s who gets the paperwork submitted to them, or served to them.

You do not need to pay another person or another service for that. Most people with their own companies who live in the state act as their own statutory agent on the corporation commission documents, and you can, too. It’s going to put a little bit of extra cash in your pocket, which you can use for something else.

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