What To Expect When You Call Our Office

Becky Cholewka: Hey, everyone. I just wanted to walk you through our process if you choose to call Cholewka Law for any of your estate planning needs.

What happens is when you call, you will probably reach Peg on our phone. She’s our main receptionist, and she’s a little chit-chatty, so she’s going to want to find out a lot about you and where you’re from. She’s from Iowa, so if you’re from Iowa, please tell her that because then you’ll be on the phone a little bit longer with her.

She’s going to ask you some general information, find out what it is that you need. If you’d like to move forward with a meeting, we’ll set up a meeting. She’ll give you the date and time. Peg will also send out an email reminder, as well as directions to our office, and what to think about before you come in for that estate planning consultation.

If you choose to work with us, we have a whole team of support behind you. I’m the attorney that will be helping direct your documents and making sure that your legal goals and concerns are taken care of. Sharon, in our office, if you choose to do a trust, is going to do all of our funding of that trust. She handles that entire process. She’s going to take care of making sure all of your estate planning documents are put in a great order, organized in a binder for you. We’ll go through all of those documents at the end of the process to make sure you understand what documents you have, what homework or tasks you still need to do to make it easier for your loved ones if something should happen.

Of course, we also like to do a lot of fun things around here at Cholewka Law. The year that you become our client, we’re also going to invite you to probably a couple of different client appreciation movie nights. We also have some different events. We have a “Train the Trustee Night” for those in our client care program.

“Breakfast with Becky” for those who have trusts to keep an update on all the legal laws that are going on with our trust code. Lots of fun stuff here at Cholewka Law because not only do we want to make sure that you have the correct information that you need to make great decisions and choices for your family, but we want you to feel comfortable through this entire process.

We hope that you call. Check out our website if you need some more information. We have lots of little videos on there as well as what is estate planning and what do these documents do for you. You can check those out at gilbertlawoffice.com.

If you’d like to call Peg in the office, please feel free to reach us at 480‑497‑3770.

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