Estate Planning Can Save A Bundle

The expense of dying as well as the time leading up to it can be very costly.

Preplanning for your death and the time leading up to it can save you thousands, says story on

The initial step is to speak to an elder law attorney, the article says.

Such an attorney can help prepare you and your family for the financial road ahead, as well as the possible mental or physical incapacitation.

The goal of estate planning is avoiding probate and its expenses, the story says.

Without preparation, your entire life savings and home may be at stake due to the high costs of long-term care.

With proper planning, you can protect your assets, it says.

You should have a living will and designate a a medical and financial power of attorney.

While an estate planning attorney will cost money, it could be less expensive than going through probate, the story adds.

And once you handle your estate, it may be time to think about your funeral, it adds.

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