Legacy Planning Tip #46

The Holidays are a great time to think—and act upon—what you want to leave your family as part of your continuing legacy. Here’s a tip to consider…


Legacy Planning Tip #46

Print out family pictures and label them with everyone’s names.

If you’re in my generation or older, you probably still have a box of loose photos or photo albums. Take them out and put them on your kitchen counter. Each day take a handful and write names, events, and dates on the back. Make sure are labeled well. For example, instead of “my Uncle Chuck” consider writing “Becky Cholewka’s Uncle Chuck” so that a future generation can determine their lineage.

My grandmother left us several photo albums marked with everyone’s name and their relation to her so that we could see pictures family members in the generations above us. It’s wonderful to look back through those photographs and connect with people. My son was named after his great-grandfather and great-great grandfather and we have wonderful pictures to show our son who he is named after.

Family photos are a wonderful legacy to leave- whether in hard print or shared digitally.

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