Gilbert Arizona Medicaid AttorneyMedicaid has become the single largest provider of financial assistance for nursing home residents in the United States. The experienced Gilbert Arizona Medicaid attorneys at Cholewka Law, we help seniors and loved ones cope with the high cost of long-term through Advance Planning and Medicaid Crisis Planning.


For many aging Americans, the possibility of ending up in a nursing home is a big fear. The average cost of a nursing home in Arizona is $171 per day, and this rises to $216 a day for a private room.

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Advance Planning

Advance Planning is for people who are healthy now but want to be prepared for the very real possibility that they will require some form of long-term care in the future. Our goal is to help you remain independent for as long as possible and protect your life savings if you and/or your spouse require nursing home care.

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Crisis Planning

What is Arizona Medicaid Crisis Planning? We define it as a situation where an individual has either been admitted to a nursing home, or must enter one in the near future, and been informed that he or she has too many assets to qualify for assistance from Medicaid. It is considered a crisis situation because the high cost of nursing home care can quickly deplete a family’s life savings.

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As long as you have assets and an income that is counted as yours, your options for long-term care could be limited. You cannot outsmart the system by simply giving away your home and all your money several months before applying for Medicaid.

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Consult an Experienced Medicaid Attorney

The most obvious Medicaid planning strategy is to consult an Arizona attorney experienced in estate planning, Medicaid planning and Veteran planning.
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