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We’ve been doing estate planning long enough to see how our plans work when the unexpected happens. We are always sad to lose a client, but seeing how our plans help a family through a tragedy reassures us that what we do matters… and works.

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In May, we finished a trust plan including health care documents for Mary and Mark (names are changed for confidentiality.) In June, Mary encouraged her husband to see a doctor for his nagging cough and lack of energy. In July, Mark passed away after a week-long hospital stay.

Mary had to rely on Mark’s Health Care Power of Attorney that allowed her to make his medical decisions, HIPAA release that allowed her access to his medical information, and looked to Mark’s Living Will in making the decision to take him of support.

With their trust plan, we have avoided probate and are easily completing a few steps to finalize the trust administration. Mary did not have to come in and see us right away after Mark’s death. She took the needed and necessary time to spend with her children and grand-children.

When Mary did finally come in to see us, we were expecting to grieve with her. But instead, Mary spent the time by graciously thanking us for what we had done for her. Not only did the documents work, but she was reassured that she did the best for Mark at the end of his life. A bad situation was made better.

We shed a few tears later that day. Not only for the loss of our client. But also in knowing that the documents we provide our clients profoundly matter.

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