The Importance of Keeping Your Estate Planning Documents Updated

Becky Cholewka: Hi, everyone. One thing I always want to remind people is you need to make sure that you are keeping your legal documents updated.

Every few years, I’d like you to make sure that you’re going back to your estate planning attorney and having them review to see if there’s been any new legal changes that we need to address that may affect your plan.

For example, we are currently going through potentially revising our federal tax code here shortly. Any time we have tax changes, it may affect our estate plan documents. There could be different things that we’re going to want to change up.

For example, if taxes go from about $11 million per couple to about $20 million per couple, there might be just some different ways that we want to change a trust for example, if the estate tax goes completely away. Make sure that you are taking your documents to your trusted attorney.

If you don’t have one and need to find one here in the area, we’d love to help you out. At, you can find more information about our law firm, our practice areas, and what we do. Make sure you keep your documents updated.

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