Vidal Sassoon Disinherited Son

2012 marked the death of British hairdresser and shampoo mogul, Vidal Sassoon. According to a recent article, Sassoon had disinherited his adopted son shortly before his death. Moreover, his will also blocked his three ex-wives from receiving any part of his approximately $150 million estate.

Vidal Sassoon (left) on June 6 in Barcelona together with Figaro Claus Niedermaier at the Global Salon Business Awards ceremony. Photo posted here with permission of Claus Niedermaier (see German entry on Sassoon). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sassoon did not approve of his adopted son’s lifestyle, and negatively referred to him as “mischievous.” Of the disinheritance, Sasson’s will states, “My son David Sassoon and his issue are hereby disinherited and shall take nothing under this will, and for the purpose of the will, shall be deemed to have predeceased me, having no surviving issue.”

Sassoon also discussed his adopted son in his 2010 autobiography, “Vidal: The Autobiography.” There, Sassoon disclosed that his son once set a bed on fire, and would joy-ride cars only to later abandon them. Of the disinheritance, Sassoon wrote, “There’s a certain point in my character where I feel a situation is hopeless – walk away. Don’t torment yourself constantly. I walked away.”

Many people choose to disinherit those who would otherwise be beneficiaries under their will for various reasons. Some may disinherit children for reasons similar to Sassoon, while others disinherit their well-off children in order to provide more for their children who need more help.

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